LED Screen type Indoor: LED screens for indoor installations.
Outdoor: IP 65, screens for outdoor use.
3 m

2 m

Viewing distance The minimum viewing distance
for the audience or players.
10 m

Advanced settings

Installation type FIXED: the screen must be fixed to the construction / frame
(the most common solution). The construction / frame can be
fixed on the wall or placed on the ground.
HANGING: the lightweight LED screen mounted from an overhead
structurebar, especially for mobile usage.
The supporting frame constructionThe supporting construction for the LED screen is an important item. When calculating the total installation price, the listed price means to be approximate estimation – personal inspection of the place and static calculation is needed. HANGING LED screens also calculate with a hanging bar.
Specialy adapted screen
with increased humidity resistance
and watter splashing protection.

For how many type of sports? Choose the number of sports for the ScoreBoard.
The new sports could by added anytime.

Optional accessories

* Ceny jsou orientační bez DPH a neobsahují cenu montáže.